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laxmikant.hcl_32751 asked Erick Ramirez answered

How do I design the data model for an ordering service?

how would we datamodel an order service

where you have to query with status with can have only 5 values (Processing, making, shipped, Delivered, canceled):

select all the orders where status = 'shipped';

Remember we can have millions of orders and status will keep on changing. So how would i avoid wide partition issue here?

Should i say that cassandra is not good fit for this type of query ?

data modeling
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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered

Your use case sounds like you intend to use Cassandra as the data store for a processing queue. Based on that query, the table would look something like this:

CREATE TABLE orders_by_status (
    status text,
    order_id text
    PRIMARY KEY (status)

But as you said, this isn't a very good way of modelling your data because you will only have a total of 5 partitions which are going to be very large. This won't scale and is not practical at all.

Your query isn't an OLTP workload and I imagine you only need to run it for reporting purposes. Reporting is generally an analytics workload and you should instead consider performing this function using Spark. Cheers!

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