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Why can't I rename the keyspace on my Astra database?

I need to rename the Keyspace, i dont have enough permission to drop it and create a fresh.

I have created account on Astra, username and password for the keyspace are different than suggested, Now I am unable to run the CQL script recommended as per steps

Can you please help me create a fresh keyspace for workshop purposes

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@amarendra.yadav_110869, it might be worthy to point out this documentation that talks about various items as to what is/is not supported.

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Hi @amarendra.yadav_110869,

it is not possible to change the name of the keyspace once it is created on Astra, it is tied to this database instance.

If you do not have any data in your keyspace, the easiest option would be to teminate your Astra database and recreate a new one with the suggested names for cluster, keyspace, user and password. This will give you a much better experience with the notebooks.

Let us know if this works for you.


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Hi, I tried terminating it, but could not. I get an error - Unauthorized to do so

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oh, would you tell us the steps you take for terminating the database?

Are you terminating it like here?

After selecting "Terminate" a dialog asks you to confirm:

Let us know if this doesn't work, we want to know and help.


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I am seeing the option to terminate, but it is disabled

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