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How do I configure remote JMX connections in LCM?


i ran into below issue:
fixed it with given solution, but what i found it whenever i configure nodes in LCM, LCM will delete entry that i used for resolving JMX issue and it does not preserve it plus there is no entry in Config profile for adding :

JVM_OPTS = "$JVM_OPTS -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=public name"

lifecycle manager
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In order to allow remote JMX connections on a cluster managed by LCM, you will need to edit the managed cluster's configuration profile under the JVM options section.

You will need to scroll down to the JMX pane and select the relevant jmx-connection-type. For details, see Configuring a JMX Connection to DSE using LCM.

As a side note, you stated that you "fixed [the issue] with the solution" in the Troubleshooting section of the DataStax Docs. I wanted to point out that remote JMX connections are not enabled by default. It is not "broken" since it is done for security reasons by design. Cheers!

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i did according to the doc you linked. enabled Remote-JMX - DSE Unified Authentication.
now below command works if it runs locally(in this case
nodetool -u admin -pw admin -h status
but it won't work remotely.
I fixed the issue as per :
but what happens now is if i want to run a configuration job in LCM, it will delete the line i added in file.

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Could you confirm that you ran a "configure" job in LCM after you enabled remote JMX connections? If you did and it's still not working, please log a case with DataStax Support so one of our engineers can assist you directly. Cheers!

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yes i did,thanks for hint

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