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ted.petersson_164115 asked Erick Ramirez commented

Is it possible to provide a custom sidecar when deploying Cassandra with the cass-operator on Kubernetes?

When running Cassandra on Kubernetes today I use a StatefulSet, where I can configure multiple containers. That way I can run both the Cassandra image and a custom image (as a sidecar) in the same Pod.

Is it possible to do the same/similar thing when using the Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra (cass-operator)?

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The team responsible for releasing the Cassandra operator also released a management API sidecar for Cassandra which you might be interested in.

I'm going to reach out internally to the team and get them to respond directly to your question. Cheers!

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Cedrick Lunven answered ted.petersson_164115 commented

Hi @ted.petersson_164115 this is exactly how things work.

  • a CRD per DC
  • a StatefulSet per RACK
  • a pod per Cassandra node containing sidecar + c*

More information here from slides 43 to 47

Next livestream for this workshop will be june 11th you should come and try with us, it is totally free, simply a live on youtube. All exercises and yaml in the sane github repo i showed you.

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Ok, A can see the Management API SideCar. But my question was really if I could (via CRD-CassandraDataCenter config) could provide my own custom sidecar?
Since I already have one today for handling backup/restore... I was wondering if I could reuse that image/logic when using cass-operator?

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Operator is looking over PODS for `readyness` and `liveness` on dedicated port/path. As long as you have the same specifications you could be ok.

  • The sidecar is opensource and you can also fork and specialized it.
  • You can also have 2 side-cars in the pod to expose your own custom logic.
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Nice. Is it possible to have a custom sidecar image without forking the project?

I see that the Cassandra serverImage can be configured like this:

Is it possible to configure a custom sidecar image in a similar way? I.e. adding an "extra" custom sidecar.
Or "overriding" the Management API SideCar to run your own image?

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bradfordcp answered

With version 1.2.0 of cass-operator there is now a PodTemplateSpec parameter in the CRD which allows for specifying additional side car processes per pod.

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