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VM image of Academy course DS201 shows blank screen

I am using VirtualBox 6.x, I loaded up OVA file but it keeps showing a blank screen. What should I do?

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I have exactly the same problem. No idea how to fix it!

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I reinstalled the image file and then did not resize the main window. Or you can resize it to Scale as given in menu. It works then.

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It sounds like your download is somehow corrupted. I've just downloaded it myself and it loads up in VirtualBox just fine.

Please download it and try again. Cheers!

UPDATE - I managed to track it down. This isn't an issue with the VM itself but the laptop or desktop where you're running VirtualBox, particularly on machines where it doesn't have a lot of CPU-processing power.

When you import the VM image, 3D acceleration is enabled by default:

Machines sometimes can't handle this correctly and end up displaying a blank screen. The workaround is to disable 3D acceleration in the settings (uncheck it in the "Display" tab):

This should stop VirtualBox from loading a black screen when you start the VM. Cheers!

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The image is fine, I re-installed the image and it does show the screen but when I close and restart VM it again shows blank screen. It shows desktop of Ubuntu for the very first time

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@kadnan_172698 @rafal.sroka.it_190557, I figured out the problem with VirtualBox. I've updated my answer with a workaround. Cheers!

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