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What is the difference between user and logins in Cassandra ?

Could you please explain what is the difference between logins & users. Can database user perform Cassandra maintenance activity like repairing ,adding node removing node etc. ?

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@satvantsingh_190085, CQL uses database roles to represent users and group of users and login is a privilege or an attribute associated with the database role. Refer to the following references for additional details,

Adding/removing roles and granting/revoking of permissions is handled dynamically once the initial setup is complete, so no further restarts are required if permissions are altered.

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So what privileges 'login' have and what is privileges 'super' have.

In Cassandra we have structure like Keyspaces -> tables , So what is you referring 'database role' ?

I didn't understand the means of super and login. Could you please explain a bit more.

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@satvantsingh_190085, LOGIN is an attribute that allows a role to log into the database (think of connecting via CQLSH) whereas, SUPERUSER is an elevated privilege to perform additional activities such as creating other users, granting/revoking permissions, etc.,. There are a variety of permissions that you could assign to a role to provide fine grained control to the DB objects such as keyspace, tables, etc.,

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Thanks @smadhavan for clarification , To perform Cassandra cluster maintenance activities like repairing ,rebuilding , compaction , adding/removing node does Cassandra need any specific user/role apart form database role "superuser"?

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