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How do I convert CassandraRow to a DataFrame?


I'm trying to perform left outer join with cassandra table using

leftJoinWithCassandraTable in Scala. I'm trying to convert the output into a Dataframe. Unfortunately I couldn't convert the CassandraRow into a Dataframe. Appreciate any support in this regard.

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Instead of joining using the generic CassandraRow, it's better to use case class for your data in Cassandra when performing the join:

val data = sc.parallelize(Seq(Data(1, new java.util.Date(119,2,1), 20), Data(2, new java.util.Date(119,2,1), 20)))// perform left join between new data and data in Cassandraval joined = data.leftJoinWithCassandraTable[Data]("test", "sstest")

But real solution would be to upgrade to freshly released Spark Cassandra Connector 2.5.0, and perform join on the DataFrame level (so-called direct join), as it's described in the following blog post.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm new to spark , so pls excuse my ignorance. I'm trying with the above option, the casting [Data] doesn't work for me.

we are still using DSE5.1.6 and I'm not sure if I can use the Direct Join. I'm trying with the below format. The issue I'm facing is to parse the joined output and convert into a data frame so I can use them

Val joined = KafkaData.rdd.repartitionByCassandraReplica("keyspace", "Table")

.leftJoinWithCassandraTable("keyspace", "Table")


.select("col a", "col b", "col c")


The output joined is retrieved as CassandraLeftJoinRdd[Row,Any] and not as a SqlContext RDD where I can map to the columns and convert to a DataFrame. Kindly advise.

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