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Which network properties should I configure in cassandra.yaml, private vs public IP?


Need help to understand network parameter and its IP's settings - Which parameter is require for application to connect, Which is for internal node communications - Read documentation but not clear to me. Also when we need to set broadcast_addresses.

Currently I am using Datatax 6.8 and I have configured a Cassandra test cluster on Azure VM's.

listen_address : Public Ip or Private Ip
rpc_address : Public Ip or Private Ip
listen_broadcast_address : Public Ip or Private Ip
rpc_broadcast_address : Public Ip or Private Ip
native_transport_address : Public Ip or Private Ip


Satvant Singh

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@satvantsingh_190085, can you also post what version of Cassandra (C*) are you using? Also, mention if you're running it on cloud or on-premise. Feel free to edit your original question itself with that details.

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It is in Azure cloud .

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@satvantsingh_190085 The idea is a lot simpler than that.

The listen_address is used for internode communication so this is always set to the private IP of the server. If a server is not accessible from clients/apps/drivers on the node's local network, native_transport_address needs to be set to the public IP address of the server.

listen_address: private_ip
native_transport_address: public_ip

If you have a multi-region cloud setup where nodes cannot communicate on their private IP across regions, set the broadcast_address to the public IP so intra-region communications go out on the WAN.

# only required for multi-region cloud environments
broadcast_address: public_ip


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hi @Erick Ramirez , Sorry for bothering you again on these settings

[EDIT: Re-posted follow up question as #4934]

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@satvantsingh_190085, rpc_address property is not available in DSE 6.8.0. In an Azure setup, if you're cluster nodes are within the same VNet & subnet, all you need is private IP address and only seeds:, listen_address and native_transport_address fields to be updated on the stock version of DSE to get started. Additionally, ensure you've the security ports configured and there is no firewall that is blocking these ports. Here is OpsCenter ports reference guide in case you need it.

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