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Not received certification results

I gave the Apache Cassandra 3.x Developer Associate Certification on 05/14 and since then it is showing the status as "Completed. Awaiting clearance from proctoring service. Please check back in a few hours or contact us."

I did contacted DataStax support and the support analyst was not sure why it is like that and suggested me to wait for 24 hours and revert back if that doesn't changed. She also mentioned in the only reply that I passed the test.

Since then i sent the email back to the DataStax support, as the status doesn't changed until today 05/19 but now I am not getting any response back from the support.

I did contacted ProctorU and they mentioned that it is something at the DataStax end and I should contact them directly.

Kind of stuck in the situation to know the actual results. Can someone help ?

@Christine Arnould

@Erick Ramirez

@Cedrick Lunven

EDIT - Just to add, I contact the DataStax support at

I just got the one time response and after that not getting the reply.

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@prasthak Sorry to hear that you still haven't received your results. I am going to reach out to the team here in DataStax but they are only available during Pacific time business hours (GMT-7) so it will not be likely that you'll hear from them tonight. Cheers!

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Thanks. I will wait for that.

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@prasthak I've checked in again with the team this morning and there is a technical issue that they are working through with ProctorU. I don't have details to share with you but I apologise for the delay. I just wanted to let you know that it's being worked on as a priority. My apologies again. Cheers!

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Thanks @Erick Ramirez. Appreciated.

I did sent the email today to the DataStax support again and didn't get the response. But good to know that they are sorting the issue with ProctorU.

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