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Is it possible to setup Cassandra in a mixed Windows-Linux cluster?

We already have DSE cassandra running on Windows VM. Now we are trying to migrate Cassandra cluster from Windows to Cassandra by Azure supported by Datastax. In order to do that we need to have Azure cassandra cluster joining existing cluster so we can migrate existing data and these can be data sync during the migration process.
Is it possible to setup mixed (WIndows / linux) cassandra cluster.

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@vikasgupta20_84283 The quick answer is no. DSE is not supported to run on Windows. It may be possible to do it but it's certainly not tested nor is it supported.

My recommendation is to copy the SSTables off the existing cluster and use sstableloader to load it to a new cluster on Azure. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez Thanks for your reply. Sorry we are running Apache cassandra for windows and trying to migrate to Apache Cassandra For Azure - Supported By Datastax. Is it possible to have make Azure cluster as a part of existing cluster.
We are running a high traffic web site. If we copy SSTable to load to a new cluster then during the time of migration these will be some data sync issue and we need to handle too. I believe If we can make both part of same cluster then we can avoid data sync issue too.

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@vikasgupta20_84283 Just to make it clear, there were versions of Apache Cassandra on Windows that was only for development purposes. They are not supported for production environments.

As I stated, it may be possible to add a Linux DC to an existing cluster that runs on a Windows platform but (1) it is not a tested configuration, and (b) it is not supported. Cheers!

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