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Is there Java API to bulk load Graph data?

Hi Team,

I know there is a bulk loader utility in datastax to load the graph but is there any Java API that does the same thing? Can we bulk load the data programmatically?



graphbulk loader
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Hi Tapan, the libraries that DSBulk uses are not publicly exposed for programmatic use but this is something we are working on. I'll circle back here with updates on that when we have them.

Would you mind sharing some details of your use case?

Sounds like you are loading graph data, is that coming from csv or json files ( or other )?

Any details on why this must be done programmatically rather than cmd line will be helpful for us as we make sure the libraries fit user needs.

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Hi @csplinter, Thanks for the response.

We will be getting data streams for nodes and edges, so it would have beeen better if we get something work through Java api. There could be the workaround by storing the data into csv or json before sending it to bulk loader utility, however, Java API would have simplified the whole process.

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Makes sense, thanks for those details. Where are the data streams coming from and what format are they in?

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@csplinter Just to clarify , can't we use gremlin to do this? (with some transformation) ?

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