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TanakaRM asked ·

Issues connecting to Astra using standalone cqlsh

I'm following this guide but running into errors connecting to DSE Astra.

I've tried both standalone and native and no luck.

Anybody else run into the following blocker?

I also reinstalled Python several times and made sure I have all the required prerequisites.

I attached a screenshot of the error messages I'm facing

astra.png (38.0 KiB)
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@TanakaRM Your screenshot indicates you have some hybrid setup because it looks like you're running on a Linux shell but the files are on a Windows filesystem. Could you please edit your post with details of how you've setup your environment? Cheers!

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TanakaRM avatar image TanakaRM Erick Ramirez ♦♦ ·

Huh, okay yeah I can see where that is confusing. Tbh, I wasn't even aware I had such a setup (still new to CQL & Astra). Will update my question as soon as possible! Thanks!

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Not a problem. But it would be good if you could update your post with steps to replicate including details of your environment. Cheers!

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