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spring-data-cassandra with dse-java-driver-core v2.x?

Spring-data-cassandra uses cassandra-driver-core by default, which is not the DataStax enterprise driver. It was simple to replace the default with dse-java-driver-core version 1.x, as outline here, for instance - . This does not seem to be the case with dse-java-driver-core version 2.x, which changes the package structure within the driver.

My questions:

  • Has anyone had any experience using the newest enterprise driver with spring-data-cassandra? Is it possible?
  • We are running on DSE 6.7. The newest 1.x driver (dse-java-driver-core Version 1.8.2) does seem to work in our tests. If spring-data-cassandra will not work with the 2.x driver are there significant enough differences between 1.8.2 and 2.1 to warrant abandoning spring-data-cassandra altogether?



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You are correct that you can't simply exclude the Cassandra Driver 3.x dependencies and drop in the Datastax DSE 2.x dependencies with Spring-Data-Cassandra. It's not simply a package structure change with the new 2.x drivers, it's an architecture redesign of the driver with this new version. As such, the only way you can continue with Spring-Data-Cassandra is to stay with the 1.x version of the DSE driver, or wait for Spring-Data-Cassandra to come out with a release that is compatible with the new driver architecture.

As for abandoning Spring-Data-Cassandra, there are many new features and improvements with the new 2.x DSE drivers (see the docs here for more details). However, switching from Spring Data to the native Java Driver won't be trivial. Hopefully the documentation there will give you enough insight to help you make the decision.

- Erik

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