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Is manual intervention required for OpsCenter or agents after automatic OpsCenter failover?

I checked document but not getting below point completely.

WARNING: Ensure that address.yaml is not being managed by third-party Configuration Management. During failover, OpsCenter automatically changes stomp_interface in address.yaml to point to the backup OpsCenter instance. If a separate Configuration Management system is managing address.yaml, that change might be undone when the Configuration Management system pushes its next update.

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@Bhaskar Pandey That paragraph is a warning to not use orchestration or configuration management tools (such as Chef, Puppet or Ansible) to manage the address.yaml on the agent nodes of all the clusters managed by the OpsCenter instances. The OpsCenter Failover process reconfigures the agents automatically in the event of a failover.

If an admin or automation tools make updates to the address.yaml on the agents, the changes made by the secondary OpsCenter instance might be overwritten and the agents will stop working.

When an OpsCenter failover occurs automatically, you will need reconfigure the failed OpsCenter instance (not the active OpsCenter instance) and make the failed instance the new secondary by recreating the primary_opscenter_location file. For details, see Enabling automatic failover.

Depending on the root cause of the outage, it may be necessary to shutdown the primary OpsCenter instance and perform further actions as detailed in the "Failover Recovery" section of the Automatic Failover Overview document. Cheers!

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