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Getting AuthenticationException in DSEFS after exporting DSE_USERNAME, DSE_PASSWORD

Getting the following error when i export the DSE_USERNAME and DSE_PASSWORD and invoke the "dse fs" command:

DSE AuthenticationException Error: Authentication failed: Could not authenticate user using DSE scheme

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@scano_183208 Providing credentials using environment variables is only valid for some commands such as dse advrep or dse spark. For DSEFS, there are 2 ways of providing credentials:

Command line

Specify the credentials as follows:

$ dse -u username -p password fs

If you'd like to use environment variables:


For details, see Providing credentials on command line.

In a file

Place the credentials in a .dserc file in the OS user's home directory with entries which look like these:


For details, see Providing credentials in a file. Cheers!

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Yes, I already have the dserc file in place. The thing is that I see this error only when I check the dsefs-shell.log.

If I type dse fs into the command line it logs in successfully and when I check the debug.log it shows the following error:

ERROR [dsefs-netty-worker-4] 2020-03-19 11:30:44,300 AbstractDigestRestServerAuthProvider.scala:103 - Could not authenticate request DefaultHttpRequest(decodeResult: success, version: HTTP/1.1)
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