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Cannot retrieve encryption parameters through OpsCenter API

When i use Opscenter API call to retrieve information about nodes . I use the following API

GET /{cluster_id}/nodes

For all the clusters i am getting the DSE version as output .

But when i am checking for these parameters "cass_client_encryption" and "dse_config_encryption" . These are present in some of the clusters node information and some clusters miss these parameters

My AIM is to retrieve whether a node has SSL Encryption and Data encryption is present .Please suggest me a good API from opscenter which will retrieve this information.

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@aravinth_chakravarthyr_173918 The API cannot retrieve parameters which aren't configured on nodes. This isn't a recommended use of the API.

To determine how nodes are configured, we recommend checking the configuration files such as cassandra.yaml and dse.yaml on the nodes. Cheers!

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Is there any API difference to get the client encryption details between the packaged and the tarball installations.

Today we have tested on both packaged and tarball, we are not able to get encryption details using the tarball installations.

Both yaml files have the same configuration and the parameters are defined perfectly.

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@aravinth_chakravarthyr_173918 There isn't a difference. But it's impossible for me to diagnose your problem without logs/diagnostic info. My recommendation is for you to log a ticket with DataStax Support so that an engineer can review the cluster logs and configuration to troubleshoot your issue. Cheers!

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