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Kafka Connect to Casandra :: Mapping of JSON nested field

I'm trying to parse a nested field into 1 column in cassandra. For example, the value looks like :

    field1: value1,
    field2: value2,
         field3 : value3

I manage to parse field1 & field2 by doing :

topic.topic.keyspace.string.mapping=kafka_key=key , field1=value.field1, field2=value.field2

But when trying :

topic.topic.keyspace.string.mapping=kafka_key=key , field1=value.field1, field2=value.field2,

I have the following error :

[2020-01-10 20:32:49,445] WARN Error inserting/updating row for Kafka record SinkRecord{kafkaOffset=25870785, timestampType=CreateTime} 


Required field '' (mapped to column field3) was missing from record. Please remove it from the mapping. (com.datastax.kafkaconnector.DseSinkTask:286)

Is it possible to map this field or is it not supported ?

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Hi there,

Mapping nested fields is not currently natively supported in the DataStax Kafka Connector though it is on our radar of future built-in functionality.

For now, you can use Single Message Transforms to flatten your message and access the nested field in the connector mapping. To do this, you can add the following to your connector configuration file.

"transforms": "flatten",
"transforms.flatten.type": "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.Flatten$Value",
"transforms.flatten.delimiter": "_"

and then you should be able to do

topic.topic.keyspace.string.mapping=kafka_key=key, field1=value.field1, field2=value.field2, field3=value.data_field3
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awesome it works !

Thanks this will have to do for now !!

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