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DataStax Academy migrated to a new learning management system (LMS) in July 2020. We are also moving to a new Cassandra Certification process so there are changes to exam bookings, voucher system and issuing of certificates.

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Apache Cassandra 3.x Developer Associate Certification


I have completed Ds101, DS201 and DS 220 learning path from Datastax Academy. I am interested in taking developer associate certification. Please let me know if completing all above learning modules are enough to go for certification. Also please guide if you have any sample/test exam in order to boost the confidence before taking actual exam.

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Hi @mandardotkulkarni_162904, congrats on completing the 3 courses! DS 201 and DS220 are the 2 courses recommended for the preparation of the Developer Associate Certification Exam so you are all set. There are no sample exams but the questions/quizzes you took throughout the courses are the best way to prepare for the exam.

Here are all the details about certification in general and how to prepare for the test in particular.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to continue the conversation.

Simple ask: If this answer provided you with the information needed, please "Accept" below.

And lastly, ping us here when you pass you exam! Good Luck!


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Is there any possibility that certification date can extend for one extra day. i missed the date as it showing another two days ?

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After internal review you have a new voucher that has been issued for you today. You should check you email address.

Best Regards.

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received thank you.

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@jagadeesh477500 Can you elaborate on what you need? I don't quite understand what your question is.

P.S. I converted your post into a comment since it's not an "answer". Cheers!

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AFAIK there is no way to expand an existing voucher after the deadline is passed (even if not scheduled as has been issued). The reason is the exam is handle by a third party company to monitor you during the exam.

I will do some investigation if we can issue another voucher with new deadline for you. For the exam please have your ID ready and your phone close to you, you camera on.

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