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Migrate on-prem Cassandra to GCP

Hi - Can anyone share their experience with migrating on-prem Cassandra to GCP? What are the steps involved besides establishing a dedicated interconnect and known pain points? What tools are used in migrating the data model and data? Any references to read through?

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@prashanth.talla_175363 if you've already figured out the networking between the on-premise datacenter (DC) and the datacenter (DC) on the GCP, it is no different than adding a datacenter to the existing cluster so there would be 2 DCs. The data would be automatically replicated by the internal Cassandra replication when you do the rebuild. Just ensure that the source datacenter can handle the load of the replication plus the actual workload until your application is switched over to contact the GCP datacenter. We could finally decommission the on-premise datacenter once the switch has happened. Hope that helps you to start planning.

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To migrate databases from on-premises to GCP, Google has acquired a company called Alooma. Alooma is an enterprise data pipeline tool that can integrate different data sources and transform the data before it is stored in a data warehouse. With this acquisition, you’ll be able to migrate data in an ETL way. Alooma will enable you to maintain business continuity when migrating their database workloads.

Moreover, Google has created a series of blog posts using existing tools to migrate data from different data engines to GCP. You may also request assistance with assessing the migration with the help of partners by contacting Google’s sales team.

From the list of migration assessment guides, you have the following documents:

  • Migrating from MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle to Cloud Spanner—by dumping data into CSV files and uploading it with DataFlow
  • Migrating from MySQL to VMs in GCP using HAProxy
  • Migrating data from HBase to Cloud Bigtable


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