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Is there an easy way to restore OpsCenter snapshots to another cluster?


We were taking the snapshots of our cassandra cluster to the "On Server" and the "Local FS" with the Opscenter.

However the snapshots that we took to the "On Server" were sitting just under the same directory of the table and the snapshots we were took to the "Local FS" are having all the SStables combined in a single location.

Our expectation is to restore the snapshots that are taken into the "Local FS" to a remote cluster (with out the Opscenter) - and I see a schema.json under each keyspace where I can get the DDL and backup.json where I get the respective "uniquifier" for each table ... so I can grab them to run the SStableloader for the each table.

Is there a easy way to restore all together?



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@lakshmiganeshp_189419, from your post, I am making an assumption that you're using DSE OpsCenter with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) cluster. The version info of these aren't available in your post as of this writing. I may very well have not understood your question here in full. If so, please elaborate.

If you're looking to sync the snapshots taken "On Server" into another backup location, you could use this documentation to sync up the snapshots.

If you want to setup a new backup location for your future snapshots, you could alternatively look at this documentation on how to set it up.

Alternatively, if you have a valid DataStax Enterprise subscription, you could reach out to DataStax Support to help you specifically with your situation.

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Hi @smadhavan , I think you did not quite understand my question, or I may have confused you.

We have a backup taken to "Local FS" using opscenter, and we wanted to manually restore using the backup taken at "Local FS" to a remote server



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Okay, thank you for adding that clarity. You need to restore the snapshots taken by OpsCenter of a source cluster into a remote destination cluster from the "Local FS" directory.

OpsCenter has a feature that is called as Cluster Cloning. If your situation satisfies the criteria, you could leverage that feature to do so. There is also a similar post that would help understand this behavior.

p/s You won't be able to manually restore the OpsCenter created snapshots as it is managed by OpsCenter and it will have the understanding of the internals.

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Erick Ramirez answered

You can clone snapshots to another cluster as long as you can get access to those snapshots, meaning they are stored off-server (not on the same servers where the snapshots were taken).

It is a simple process to clone each of the tables to a new cluster. I previous wrote step-by-step instructions on how to do it in this post (#4477). Cheers!

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