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How do I fetch a specific row in Swagger UI with composite primary keys?

I know this question has been asked before here , but I followed the steps outlined and its not working for me!

I have uploaded, my table description along with the error and the Get Request that I'm sending!

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong!

I have tried using the console and it works perfectly, I have also attached a screen shot of this

Thank you for your help, let me know if you need more info? I'm stuck :((





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I can't quite figure out from the info you posted which part you're having issues with so I'll use an example.

I have this table that contains movies:

CREATE TABLE community.movies (
    title text,
    release_year int,
    cast text,
    country text,
    date_added text,
    description text,
    director text,
    duration text,
    listed_in text,
    rating text,
    show_id int,
    type text,
    PRIMARY KEY ((title, release_year))

My table has a composite partition key:

    PRIMARY KEY ((title, release_year))

If I wanted to query the table using the Stargate REST API, I need to provide the partition key in the form title/release_year with a slash (/) as the delimiter. Here is an example API call using curl:

$ curl -X 'GET'
    -H 'accept: application/json'
    -H 'X-Cassandra-Token: $_ASTRA_TOKEN'

Unfortunately, the Swagger UI encodes the slash (/) as %2F so you'll need to manually override it when you code the URL in your app. In your case, the URL for a REST API call would look something like:



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Hello Eric! Thanks for the example, and Apologies for not making myself clear.

The problem was the swagger UI was encoding my slash as %2F. so I was getting the mssing partition key Error!

Thanks for your answer! it solved my issue!

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