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Batch execution only updates data and does not insert new data

Hi Dev's,

Below is my code

BatchStatement batch = BatchStatement.newInstance(BatchType.UNLOGGED).addAll(list);


where list is an ArrayList of PreparedStatements containing Insert queries

As insert is an upsert operation, so it updates an already existing record, but for a new record, it does not perform an insert nor does nit throw any exception/error

There are 2 tables in cassandra


Primary Key = (customerId, brand)


Primary Key = (customerId, brand, name, version)

These tables contains UDT columns as well.

The Batch Execution will contain 1 customer insert/update and multiple campaign insert/update statements

The main intention is to achieve atomicity which ensures that if any one statement fails then it will fail the entire batch

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You won't be able to achieve atomicity because you've configured your batches to be UNLOGGED. The all-or-none guarantee only exists with LOGGED batches.

Why new data isn't inserted, I can't tell because I don't have enough information. My hypothesis is that you haven't constructed the statements correctly so the data isn't getting inserted as you expected. Cheers!

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Hi @Erick Ramirez,

Thanks a lot for replying. When I use Logged batches, it gives me the below error

"Logged batches are not supported for this type of batch requests"

Any idea why I am facing this?

Thanks & Regards,


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Asked and answered in question #13493. Cheers!

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