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Accessing AWS Keyspaces with Spark connector returns "Unsupported partitioner 'com.amazonaws.cassandra.DefaultPartitioner', token map will be empty."

We are trying to connect Spark with Keyspaces on AWS using below library and we are facing error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to get Token Metadata".

Library :- com.datastax.spark:spark-cassandra-connector_2.12:3.1.0

As we understand, Keyspaces uses partitioner as "com.amazonaws.cassandra.DefaultPartitioner" and it is not supported by Datastax java driver. Recommended partitioners are "org.apache.cassandra.dht.Murmur3Partitioner", "org.apache.cassandra.dht.RandomPartitioner". As a result, we get below warning while connecting to Keyspaces.

WARN DefaultTokenFactoryRegistry: [s0] Unsupported partitioner 'com.amazonaws.cassandra.DefaultPartitioner', token map will be empty.

It further results in error on Spark implementation.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to get Token Metadata
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.LocalNodeFirstLoadBalancingPolicy.$anonfun$tokenMap$1(LocalNodeFirstLoadBalancingPolicy.scala:86)
at scala.Option.orElse(Option.scala:447)
at com.datastax.spark.connector.cql.LocalNodeFirstLoadBalancingPolicy.tokenMap(LocalNodeFirstLoadBalancingPolicy.scala:86)

Could you please provide your guidance on this.
We are seeing this older post.. Is there any latest update?

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The Spark connector isn't tested against AWS Keyspaces because it isn't supported.

As you already pointed out, AWS Keyspaces uses an unsupported partitioner so you won't be able to connect using the Spark connector. Cheers!

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@Erick Ramirez Thank You!!
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