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How does Astra DB ensure high availability for the compute services?

Based on the architecture of ASTRA, I understand ASTRA uses multiple K8s cluster where the services are hosted. Are these services also region redundant. For example, if I have ASTRA in AZURE East and if the EAST region goes down, will I be impacted or ASTRA will automatically switch to a different azure region

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As I've explained in one of your previous questions (#13132), Astra DB has a serverless architecture so there are no compute instances (servers) involved.

I'm not sure how much Kubernetes knowledge you have so I apologise in advance if you already know this. In Kubernetes, the pods are managed/monitored/maintained by schedulers and controllers. When pods go down (for whatever reason), one of the controllers will attempt to automatically recover to a running state by automatically replacing the faulty pods.

The Astra DB services such as Coordination Services, Data Services, etc, run in K8s pods and are therefore monitored and maintained by the K8s schedulers and controllers. If any of the services go into an error state or become unavailable, they will automatically be recovered. This is what makes Kubernetes a very powerful framework.

The question around a region outage is a completely different question. If you configure your Astra DB to be deployed across multiple Azure regions then you will need to failover your application to another region if your primary DC is unavailable.

In our opinion, DC failover (switching to another cloud region) should be done at the infrastructure layer. This is explained in the cross-DC failover of the Java driver documentation.

I've sent you a message privately to let you know that I'd be happy to organise a free chat with one of our architects so you can ask all your questions. We want to make it easier for you to be successful with Astra DB. Cheers!

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