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What is the minimum bandwidth required to operate a multi-DC cluster in different regions?


we will build a datastax cassandra Cluster with 2 Rings: One by a cloud provider in a Datacenter in Europe and the other by another provider in China Datacenter.

Is there any Prerequisite for a minimum Network Brandwidh between 2 Rings of a Datastax cluster?

If the Network Brandwidh is bad what will be the Impact for the cluster?

There will be some batches will be run on the local DC and will insert millions of ROWS?



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Thank you for your question @bensmail !

The very minimum required network bandwidth recommendation is 1000Mb/s (gigabit). I would recommend you to go over the entire recommended best practices documentation.

If you'd like to explore alternative options, our engineers will be happy to work with you directly if you log a ticket with DataStax Support for your supported subscription license. Cheers!

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Hello, Thank you for you feedback,

I have also a question: Is there any minimum prerequiste also for network latency?

we are still in Architecture Phase, and no access to support right now, but any help will be great on this Topic,

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Hello Salah / @bensmail , did you go through the recommended capacity planning guide on the hyperlink that I had posted earlier in my answer? Those will be a good starting ground on all this for your planning. I am not aware of a minimum network latency, but you already know that when multiple regions/datacenters are involved, Cassandra automatically takes care of the replication under the hood and if your network latency is a bottleneck, that might hinder the performance there.

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There is also the DBaaS offering and the details are here,

DataStax Astra

Astra DB is a cloud-based Cassandra-as-a-Service offering from DataStax. With just a few clicks, you can launch a Cassandra cluster on the cloud ready to use with no installation required.

It's FREE to try with no credit card required to sign on. The free tier includes 10GB of disk space -- yours to keep FOREVER! Try it today -- If you want multi-region then it is also available for the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tier. There is also Streaming-as-a-Service provided by Astra Streaming.

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