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querying the audit table efficiently

How to best query the default audit table dse_audit.audit_log by an event_time range?
The docs say it has PRIMARY KEY ((date, “node”, day_partition), event_time), of course:

"select XXXXX from dse_audit.audit_log WHERE event_time > minTimeuuid('YYYYY') AND event_time <= maxTimeuuid('ZZZZZ')"

will (too) slowly traverse all partitions.

I supposed I can refine and specify a date range and day_partition in the query?
I'm also wondering if I can use tokens? Note that I won't know the structure of the nodes/cluster. I just have permission to query the audit table.

Also does the date field correspond to the date in event_time? Or that's a date when the record is written to the table?


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