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cassandra date data type for java

I am facing issue with date datatype, following is my table schema

    CREATE TABLE user (
        name text,
        id text,
        date date,
        division text,
        PRIMARY KEY ((name, id, date), name)

my backend is spring boot with following library's

    compile group: 'com.datastax.oss', name: 'java-driver-core', version: '4.9.0'
    compile group: 'com.datastax.cassandra', name: 'cassandra-driver-extras', version: '3.10.2'
    compile group: 'com.datastax.cassandra', name: 'cassandra-driver-mapping', version: '3.2.0'

i am converting java LocalDate to cassandra LocalDate as per below article :

also if i directly send java LocalDate both are valid as per Cassandra.

def cassandraLocalDate = com.datastax.driver.core.LocalDate.fromYearMonthDay(year, monthValue, dayOfMonth)

while binding statement i am getting error

 def boundStatement = userExists.bind(name, id, cassandraLocalDate)


com.datastax.oss.driver.api.core.type.codec.CodecNotFoundException: Codec not found for requested operation: [DATE <-> com.datastax.driver.core.LocalDate]

Any help will highly appreciated

Thanks & Regards

cassandradata modelingjava
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You are mixing incompatible drivers: the group ID com.datastax.oss is not compatible with the group ID com.datastax.cassandra. What is your Spring Boot version? You should use only the driver/group ID that comes with it.

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my spring version is


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Then the only driver you should use is driver 4.9.0:

You probably don't need these two, and I suggest that you remove them from your project:

  • compile group: 'com.datastax.cassandra', name: 'cassandra-driver-extras', version: '3.10.2'

  • compile group: 'com.datastax.cassandra', name: 'cassandra-driver-mapping', version: '3.2.0'

As for the usage of LocalDate with driver 4.9, the guide you followed is not up-to-date. Please read this instead:

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