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about enable dsefs


I just created the DC for analytic workload. By default the dsefs option is enable: true in dse.yaml.

However I cannot see the dsefs service running, as well as telnet test port 5598

#dse fs

Could not connect to DSEFS. Last endpoint tried:

- caused by: RestConnectException: Failed to open connection to

- caused by: AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: bigdata-142-120/

- caused by: ConnectException: Connection refused

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1 Answer

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night.fall.ff06_179503 answered

I have configured as per the guide document:


work_dir: /var/lib/dsefs

public_port: 5598

query_cache_size: 2048

compression_frame_max_size: 1048576


round_delay_ms: 2000

startup_delay_ms: 5000

shutdown_delay_ms: 10000

service_startup_timeout_ms: 30000

enabled: true


request_timeout_ms: 330000

connection_open_timeout_ms: 55000

client_close_timeout_ms: 60000

server_request_timeout_ms: 300000

idle_connection_timeout_ms: 0

private_port: 5599

keyspace_name: dsefs_teca


transaction_timeout_ms: 60000

conflict_retry_delay_ms: 10

conflict_retry_count: 40

execution_retry_delay_ms: 1000

execution_retry_count: 3

server_close_timeout_ms: 2147483647


- dir: /var/lib/dsefs/data

storage_weight: 1.0

min_free_space: 5368709120


overflow_margin_mb: 1024

overflow_factor: 1.05

service_close_timeout_ms: 600000

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