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Beck asked Erick Ramirez commented

How to see the cql query being executed?

Hi all,

I am researching about this question.

I had tried that way: DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra User Mailing List ›How to see the cql query being executed?

I just modified the logback.xml:

<logger name="com.datastax.driver.core.QueryLogger.NORMAL" level="ALL"/>

I checked "system.log" and "debug.log", and I can't find any CQL statement.

Environment and Step:

1.docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept -p 9042:9042 --name my-dse -d datastax/dse-server:6.7.2

2.docker cp logback.xml my-dse:/opt/dse/resources/cassandra/conf/logback.xml

3.docker stop my-dse

4.docker start my-dse

5.docker exec -it my-dse cqlsh

6.execute some cql statement.

7.check the system.log and debug.log.

Attachment is my full logback.xml:logback.xml

How to see the cql query?

logback.xml (8.7 KiB)
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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez commented

You want to enable the Database Auditing feature that is only available in DataStax Enterprise. It captures auditable events to either a log file or Cassandra table. There are different event types/categories you can audit including DML, DDL and/or authentication. Cheers!

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Got it!

It's work! Thanks!

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Good to know, at the same time sad that it works only with Datastax Enterprise. We are using community version and always would like to know about running queries.

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Thanks for the feedback, @sparikh71_28533. It's an enterprise feature we added in DSE. Cheers!

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Glad to help. I would appreciate it if you could "accept" my answer so it gets rated. Cheers!

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