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Node 3 does not start in DS210 Exercise 01.04


I am following along with the instructions in exercise DS210 exercise 01.04, and I am at the point where I have configured the cassandra.yaml file per the exercise, as well as the file, and when I start Cassandra on node 3 (per the exercise) it does not start. The message I get on the screen is the following:

ubuntu@ds210-node3:~$ sudo service dse start
 * Starting DSE daemon dse 
DSE daemon starting with only Cassandra enabled (edit /etc/default/dse to enable other features)
/etc/init.d/dse: 503: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted)
WARNING: Timed out while waiting for DSE to start. The service may have started though. Please check your logs.


Further, nothing is written to system.log or debug.log so I have no insight into what is happening.

At this point in the exercise, node 1 is up and running (status UN) and I have already run a successful stress test against node 1.

When I shut down node 1 and independently try to start node 3 (attempt at troubleshooting the situation), node 3 starts successfully, but then when I try to start node 1 it fails with the same symptoms, nothing written to system.log or debug.log.

Any recommendations? I am stumped and also new to Datastax Cassandra.


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I think I solved my own problem. I had more time today to mess around with the settings, and found out that I need to keep the amount of memory allocated to to Oracle VirtualBox for this environment right at the default of 8 gig. If I do that everything seems to start up. I had allocated more, up to 12 gig, to the VBox and it evidently did not like it. After setting it back to 8, then DSE starts on both nodes 1 and 3.

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Welcome to Cassandra and the community!

Glad to hear you managed to resolve it. And thanks for circling back here with an update. Cheers!
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