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Getting authorization error while adding rows in table using REST API

Getting the following error:

  "description": "Role unauthorized for operation: Invalid clientID or hash provided",
  "code": 401

Tried out using REST API (from postman) and using nodejs driver in both case got the authorization error.

in postman used the header: X-Cassandra-Token

in nodejs client used: username and password config

Any help is appreciated

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The error you posted indicates that either (a) the credentials are invalid, or (2) the role you're using does not have write permissions.

You didn't mention if you're connecting to an Astra database but if you are, you need to create an application token with API access, for example an API Admin User role or API R/W User role:


You will need to use the token which starts with AstraCS:* in the header. For example:

"request": {
  "method": "POST",
  "header": [
      "key": "X-Cassandra-Token",
      "value": "AstraCS:dDqWQdIUPhJJdClSRqWKlnlk:4b291e6028a2ff2e94601c6d76cbff03dda937a6214d3ea6659d79e0a37a3905"
      "key": "Content-Type",
      "value": "application/json"

For details, see the page Developing your app with the REST API.

For Node.js, you need to create an application token with read and write access such as a R/W Svc Acct role or a R/W User role.

You will then need to set the username to the client ID and the password to the client secret in your code. For example:

  const client = new Client({
    cloud: { secureConnectBundle: '/path/to/' },
    credentials: { username: 'dDqWQdIUPhJJdClSRqWKlnlk', password: 'JSARC+yR6zenI+q,,JItp06+BC6OxK4eNNP_XqGzQZQOFvzt2xJQmODA7UcFX.04+fKBrDGJwqAOrABuQWZehccU1W,52LkMplhJJcLirmLdY68jPXIzv5re.PU+MGPw' }

For details, see Developing your app with the Node.js driver. Cheers!

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Thank you for your response. To explain further, Yes I had followed the instruction that you mentioned above and generated token to connect to astra db as show below; but got authorization error. One thing I didn't do is the setting environment; is this required for accessing by Rest API?

export ASTRA_DB_ID=<database_id> export ASTRA_DB_REGION=<database_region> export ASTRA_DB_KEYSPACE=<keyspace_name> export ASTRA_DB_APPLICATION_TOKEN=<app_token>

Attaching the error


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You only need to set environment variables if you're accessing the REST API from the command line. For example, if you were running curl commands.

But again, you need to use an API* role which has write permissions. Cheers!

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Thanks. I was not using curl command; was trying it from postman and the token I used had "API Admin User" role.

Just tried again this morning without any change and it worked :) Thank you!


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smadhavan avatar image smadhavan ♦ commented ·, if you have downloaded the CSV file when you created the token, it should have a column that details what type of role with which you created that token and you would check to make sure it has API* role with write permissions.

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