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manoj.sharma99765_192577 asked Erick Ramirez answered

How do I change the IP configuration after cloning a cluster?

I have 2 node cluster seed and solr which i used to clone and create new 2 node cluster. on new cluster i have done below changes replaced old seed ip with new one and solr ip to new ip in all configuration file and topology configuration file but my new cluster is still gossiping with old ips and due to that new cluster node gets connected to old cluster . as per logs its due to gossiping as cluster trying to gossip old ip instead of ip mention in configuration is there any thing i need to change or any gossip quarantine related things here?

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered

The underlying issue is that you cloned the servers including the configuration. This isn't the correct way of cloning an existing cluster.

Since the new nodes had the same cluster_name and seeds list, the cloned nodes joined the existing cluster. You will need to decommission the cloned nodes or it would cause a lot of issues for your existing cluster.

The correct way of cloning a cluster is:

  1. Build a new cluster from scratch with a completely different cluster_name and seeds list.
  2. Copy the schema of the application keyspaces only to the new cluster.
  3. Take a snapshot of the application keyspaces on the source cluster.
  4. Restore each application table to the new cluster.

For what it's worth, I've provided detailed steps for migrating application tables to a new cluster in question #4477. Cheers!

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