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How do I configure SocketOptions after upgrading from Java driver 3.6.0 to 4.6.1?

We had customized Socket level configs as follows in 3.6.0:

SocketOptions socketOptions = new SocketOptions();
socketOptions .setReadTimeoutMillis(123456);
socketOptions .setConnectTimeoutMillis(123456);

But I am not able to find how to configure the same in 4.6.1?

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The Java driver was completely refactored in 4.0 and newer releases are not binary-compatible with earlier versions such as 3.6.0.

To configure the driver in version 4.6.1, you need to set the options via a configuration file (recommended). For example, to set the client timeout:

datastax-java-driver {
  basic.request {
    timeout = 2 seconds

If you don't want to use the recommended configuration file, it is also possible to override the options programmatically by implementing DriverConfig, DriverExecutionProfile and DriverConfigLoader. See the Configuration section of the Java driver docs for details.

I would also recommend you familiarise yourself with the Java driver Upgrade Guide which has detailed instructions on how to migrate your application to the new version. Cheers!

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Thank you. Isn't basic.request.timeout for both write and read. But my requirement is to set only read timeout. How can I configure only read timeout?

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They're the same timeout from the driver's perspective.

If you haven't seen it already, the reference configuration in the document I linked explains the timeouts in a bit more detail. Cheers!

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