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Ryan Quey asked Erick Ramirez edited

The POM for org.codehaus.jackson:jackson-core-asl:jar: is missing

I was working on a project using DSE 6.7.7, and had no problem building my java app that uses dse-graph-frames. However, when I tried upgrading to 6.7.10, I ran into this issue:

The POM for org.codehaus.jackson:jackson-core-asl:jar: is missing, no dependency information available

To confirm, I checked in the Datastax repository, and for 6.7.7 it just uses jackson-core-asl:jar:1.9.13. However, in 6.7.8 through 6.7.12, it uses jackson-core-asl:jar:

I also confirmed that jackson-core-asl:jar: does not exist in maven's repository. This is not a surprise, since with a version name that has "dse" appended to the end, I would expect that it's something that should be in Datastax's repository anyways. However, I could not find it in Datastax's repository either (both show 1.9.13 but not

Is there's something I need to do in order to build projects using DSE GraphFrames v. 6.7.10? Or is there a way around this issue?

(by the way, I had trouble finding a tag for DSE GraphFrames so only tagged this as graph)

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered Erick Ramirez edited

We addressed a vulnerability with the Jackson Core and Jackson Mapper (CVE-2019-10172).

However, Jackson 1.x is no longer being maintained but since DSE has a dependency on it we forked the source and back-ported the fixes we cherry-picked from Debian to Jackson 1.9.13.

Since it's our own build, we've tagged the version and included them with DSE 5.1.18, 6.0.12, 6.7.8, 6.8.1 (internal reference DSP-20073).

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Let me find out from the engineers here at DataStax why it's missing from the repository. I suspect it was a minor oversight and hopefully we can get it sorted quickly.

P.S. I've condensed anything related to DSE Graph into the graph topic so it's the right choice. Cheers!

[UPDATE] That version ID was not meant to be published externally and it's an accident that it leaked out. Jaroslaw Grabowski recommends that a workaround is to exclude this dependency and include the OSS version in your build.

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