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How do we get started with data modeling using the Stargate REST API?

Hello there,
Coming from dart rest api framework, where we have multiple relations ( many, one-to-one) i wonder what would be the easiest shift for us to cassandra, keeping in mind we have 0 experince with cassandra before. Thus what would be the move to take here, what framework has the best features to build rest-api, and trasform our relationships to cassandra's way of data modelling.
We are also evaluating our option on using cassandra. and been searching online and found stargate.
and i notice that its only available on docker, is that true? since we do not plan on using docker on our setup, what would be an alternative for a fine grained framework.
Thank you.

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1 Answer

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Erick Ramirez answered

No, Stargate is fully open-source so it is available to deploy whichever way you want. We only provide the Docker images as a convenience.

The quickest way to get started without having to do any installation (considering you have zero Cassandra experience) is to try it out on DataStax Astra. You can launch a cluster in just a few clicks with no credit card required on the free forever tier.

You will immediately be able to use the REST API on Astra with no setup or configuration. We even have sample apps you can use immediately once you've launched a cluster so you can start coding your application without any Cassandra knowledge. Cheers!

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