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Getting started on DataStax Community

You have your account all set? No? Click here. Yes? OK, let's get you started in the community.

3 quick actions!

  1. Visit your "Profile" (click on the picture/avatar top right): add a picture (recommended) or an avatar and if you want to share more, fill in the "About Me". Note about picture size: the minimum uploaded picture size should be 240px by 240px. Bigger images would display fine, also. However, smaller images will be blurry.

  2. In your Profile, edit "About me" and tell us about who you are, where you work and/or what you do

  3. Go to "My Preferences" and set your notifications to stay connected with the content that matters to you


  1. You can start small by reading questions and articles - Browse around, check out the discussions happening in the General Forum

  2. If you like something you read, click "Like" at the bottom

  3. Comment on questions, adding information to an existing question

  4. Provide an Answer

  5. Ask your first question (and you will get a badge for it!)

Ready to ask a question?

  1. Search for the topic/question you have in mind - just to make sure there is not already a discussion about it. Maybe your question has already been asked and answered.

  2. No luck in the search - let’s ask that question then.

  3. Type in your Question Title, Provide as many details in the body (code samples, links etc), select at least one Topic

  4. Select the relevant space to put your question in

  5. Check out the answers you receive and accept the correct one to mark it as accepted answer and therefore help future readers.

Here is a list of the spaces with description to help you ensure you post in the right place.

General Forum Post any technical/technology related question: C*, DSE, Data Modeling etc
DataStax Labs Questions about the limited-release beta software
Account Help Questions about DataStax Community, your account, how to get started etc


A lot of action you take within the community will earn you badges - check here for a list of all the badges available.

badgesdatastax communitygetting startednotificationsprofile
10 |1000

Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MiB each and 10.0 MiB total.



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