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How to create an account on DataStax Community?

To access DataStax Community, you need an account on our learning portal DataStax Academy/DSA

Already have an account on DataStax Academy?

Click on “Login”

  • If you have an active session on DSA, you will automatically be logged into DataStax Community

  • If you do not have an active session, you will be taken to DSA to login. Insert your DSA credentials and you will automatically be redirected to DataStax Community

Note: if you have an older DSA account, you might be required to meet the new requirements for a DSA account by filling in new fields.

Don’t have an account on DataStax Academy?

Click on “Sign Up”

You are now on the DataStax Academy page - Click on “I want to create an account”

  1. Fill in all the required fields and click on “Create a new account”
  2. An email confirmation will be sent to your email inbox

  3. Confirm your registration and you will be redirected to DataStax Community.

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